IN-SIDE-OUT is part of the project SOLARIS curated by mehr licht in Graz, Schlossbergstollen-Galerie. Based on the novel by Stanislav Lem "In-Side-Out" questions the alien in ourselve. "In-Side-Out" is a dynamic light installation that stages the oscillations of light and sound. A tube of vibrating lines within a tunnel that has no visible end is a metaphor for diving into the ocean of the unconscious, into the secrets of our own identity, in which we become strange and eerie to ourselves. The path into the unknown and unexplored within our souls can only be taken slowly. The whole picture will never be fully visible. Like a dark sun, the far end of the corridor reflects the transition into what is hidden inside the world that we know. Light and matter lead us into the depth of the mountain and at the same time into the depth of memories of our adventures, experiences and the impressions that we have gathered. We stretch a bright thread that can figuratively bring us from the underground back to the daylight of our consciousness. This connection builds the tunnel that links us with the hidden, with the darkness and the mysterious inside us.
Schlossbergstollen-Galerie GRAZ,  July 31st 2020 - March 2021
SCHLEIFENSACHE II is the next step in a collaborative process by mutual loop (Martina Tritthart and Holger Lang), in which an intuitive approach to a spatial situation is addressed. The unusual spatial setup of the ASIFAKEIL is related to conceptual projects, some of which resulted from previous projects of mutual loop. ASIFAKEIL. Museumsquartier Vienna June 16th - September 19th 2020
"Geht´s noch? Weiter?" SCHLEIFENSACHE by Martina Tritthart and Holger Lang. Exhibition at the FRISE Künstlerhaus February 2020, Opening February 14th 2020
“Sky Lights”, Video-Light-Intervention with Holger Lang and Martina Tritthart, December 2019, "Undarkfestival Ne Temno #8" , Yekaterinburg, Russia
“Afterglow”, Video Mapping with Holger Lang and Martina Tritthart, August 2019, International Media Art Biennial "See Djerba", Djerba Tunesia
“Beyond 15`Stardust”, Performance with Anat Stainberg and Martina Tritthart, Mai 2019, Künstlerhaus 1050 Vienna, Austria
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