The exhibition TRANSFORMATIONS, showing multimedia installations, is an accompanying element to the Punto y Raya Festival, a bi-annual celebration of abstract film and animation produced by MAD, Barcelona. MUTUAL LOOP was partner in co-organizing the festival, aswell as curating and designing the exhibition TRANSFORMATIONS, abstract art in motion. The transition from concrete elements and activities to increasingly stronger reductions can be experienced as a metamorphosis from a representational perspective to a universal, objective view. Due to a sudden lockdown, the festival could not take place in Vienna as planned, but nevertheless the exhibition was realized by mutual loop in the FACTORY of the KÜNSTLERHAUS in Vienna from November 26 to December 8th 2021.
Participating artists in the exhibition curated by Martina Tritthart & Holger Lang:
kinoManual (Aga Jarząb and Maciek Bączyk) with POCKET CINEMA
Installation, 2021
Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich with TX-MIRROR
Interactive installation, 2018
Billy Roisz with SOPHIE ORANGE
Hybrid installation, 2021
Johanna Smiatek with MELODYMAT
Interactive kinetic sound object, 2019
Johanna Smiatek with MELODYMAP
Printed carpet, 2020
Johanna Smiatek with MY ROSSO CORSA (or 86m/h)
Interactive installation, 2013
Tereza Stehlíková with WORMWOOD TOPOGRAPHY
Hybrid installation, 2021
Thomas Steiner with FLUIDE
Hybrid installation, 2018-2021
Blanca Rego Constela with JORGE RANDO
Single channel installation, 2019
Myriam Boucher and Pierre-Luc Lecours with FRAGMENTS
Single channel installation 2020
Single channel installation, 2019
Adele Razkövi  with ANIMA
Dynamic objects, 2021